Patsy McGlynn - Keynote Speaker                                                     

Patsy has over 20 years’ experience in coaching, corporate learning and personal development. She has successfully coached CEOs and Directors of blue chip companies, female entrepreneurs and women escaping corporate life (plus almost every scenario in between). She’s worked with global names; British Airways, Barclay’s, HSBC, Hilton, P&O and TUI and she’s coached international clients from a vast range of industries. Patsy is a Transformational Success Coach, Creator of Big World Living, an NLP Practitioner, a Reiki Master, an EFT Practitioner and a Law of Attraction expert. Patsy understands how impactful having a coach can be and has given herself the gift of being mentored by some of the top coaches in the profession; Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Jack Canfield, Michael Neil, to name but a few. She’s also presented on stage to hundreds of people with one of her biggest professional highlights being when she shared a stage with Tony Robbins. Patsy has invested tens of thousands of pounds in her professional and personal development and continues to do so. She has thus avoided mini meltdowns, countless mistakes and has been able to fast track her success because she excels in manifesting big results quickly! All thanks to being well advised and guided by her coaches.


          Jen Wilson. Topic: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Jen Wilson has been working in the Health and Fitness industry since 2009 and in 2016 has been nominated for 3 separate industry awards. As a teenager she hated PE at school and would have done anything to get out of it, however in her early 20’s her partying lifestyle was implementing her health and discovered the fitness. This sparked a desire to help others find something that fitted their life to help them improve their health and fitness and became the driving force behind her new career.

She has a vast experience within the fitness industry; teaching community Pilates classes, running her own studio and freelance coaching in facilities around Glasgow as well as lecturing in college and delivering indoor cycling qualifications as a Master Trainer. Her industry experience and teaching qualifications allows her to mentor new instructors assisting them in building themselves as a business and brand. Now a seasoned Fitness Presenter at Leisure Industry Week, International Fitness Showcase, Big One North, LFX conference and in July 2017 at FIT Together.

A member of Fitness Voice a board of industry leaders and influencers helping shape and develop the future of the fitness industry within the UK. Through her Warrior Woman Project she has self-published a book 9 Rules to Sort Your Sh*t, created an online Warrior Woman Project programme to reach as many women around the world as possible, and hosts regular workshops in and around Glasgow. January 2017 saw her taking to the TEDx Glasgow stage for the first time and has other speaking dates booked in throughout 2017.  


        Chimanma Rushworth-Moore. Topic: A Dreamer's guide to Success

Founder/ Chief Executive- The Goldfish Initiative for illiteracy and Poverty Alleviation.


             Elizabeth Adina Oltean . Topic: The Power of Our Inner Story

Elizabeth is a Mindset Coach & Motivational Speaker, and the founder of the SMILES AND WELLNESS WORLDWIDE (SAWW) – Empowering People To Stimulate And Explore Their Unlimited Potential To Create Success and Wellness.

Growing up I knew I was destined to help people but I did not know how. I was just drawn towards either helpless old people or toddlers. It seemed like they always needed me. And I was there for them, which reinforced in me the belief that that was my life calling. Years later, going through some challenging events I kept asking myself “How Can I help people when I can hardly help myself?” The AHA moment came in 2014 when I was told that I had 10 days to live. In that moment, reflecting back on my life, on everything that happened to me, that I went through, made sense. Those challenges and the decision I made defined me as a person, they pushed me to become the person I had to be in order to have a strong character and spread my message to the world. It took me 2 years of continuous and consistent self-work, in which I applied everything that learnt from books, people, events and past experiences. I was empowering my mind to be positive. My mission is to empower and inspire people to change their inner story and live life on their terms.


 Adele Hamilton and Marlene White. Topic: Be Your Own Best Advert: Dress for Success

Marlene and Adele are warm, friendly and fully trained professionals with extensive knowledge and broad ranging expertise and experience in all the issues of image Consultancy.

Our philosophy is that in an era when everyone is obsessed with celebrity, size and the strive for perfection, we are passionate about helping each individual to feel confident in their own skin. Life is for living so make the most of what you've got by arming yourself with the tools and techniques to make colour and style work for you and when you know you look great, you feel great!
Vivienne Lee. Topic: Follow your Passion
Vivienne Lee is successful personal trainer, fitness presenter, health coach and busy mum of 2, Vivienne has carved out a career in fitness, health and wellness for 20 years. Receiving rewards and recognition for her work she is a leader in showing women not only how to look and feel great but how to transform your life and that of those around you. Vivienne believes that to be successful you must follow your passion, discover personal development, find a way of helping others and just do it!
Lauren Taylor, Key Teacher, Inspirational Speaker & Unlock Mentor.Topic: The Power of Vision
Lauren Taylor is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and mentor at Unlock The Key. She has worked in the health and wellbeing field for the past 10 years, previously having been a successful gym owner before deciding to turn her full energy, focus and attention to the growth of The Key and its global vision. The Key is a unique human potential programme that shows people how to Unlock their full potential by harnessing the power of The Creation Process. Through this, Lauren will help you to get clear on your heart’s desires, create a life-affirming, energising vision, Unlock your purpose and create a happy, healthy, abundant and fulfilled life.


Radha Sundaram will be speaking on The Gift of Life. Radha
is a consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthetics
Royal Alexandra Hospital Glasgow

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